About us

Who We Are

XtremeCryo believes in elevated health. To take care of your body and mind by using the best technology, the most customized treatment plans and a team of individuals to help you push yourself to meet goals and set new ones.


Established in August of 2017, XtremeCryo has taken care of hundreds of individuals in all different stages of health. From those with life-changing issues like Rheumatoid Arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis, to muscle tears, to the desire to have better sleep or lose weight, we meet each client at their current state, and help them see into the future they want and we want for them.

Meet Our Staff


Lex’s passion is helping others discover their top form of both the mind and body. Lex not only works as a manager and technician at Xtreme, she also has her own personal training business. She created Lex Liftss Fitness because of a personal desire to empower individuals to reach their health goals. She trains all ages with a particular interest in helping those who lack self discipline and motivation.

It is Lex’s responsibility to hold clients accountable and keep them on the right path toward their goals.

When she’s not training or working, Lex spends much of her time expanding knowledge on how to create ways to develop an even more healthy, happy lifestyle.

Lex wants everyone to love themselves not because we’re at the gym, because you’re brave enough to embrace the change for yourself.

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Mariah is highly proficient, well organized, and results-oriented  licensed esthetician from Colorado with over two years of experience in the beauty industry. She specializes in full body waxing, advanced skin treatments, and understanding clients’ skin needs and matching with optimum product matching.

Mariah takes pride in helping clients regain self confidence through education of self-care practices including helping identify skin health through lifestyle choices and general diet. She also loves doing make-up which led to her seeking out her esthetics license.

She is eager to continue her passion at XtremeCryo, broaden her scope as a cryotherapy and recovery technician, and bring her innovative self to achieve client satisfaction.

In her outside-of-work-time, she enjoys hiking, relaxing with her kitties and practicing more self-care!


Dez was born and raised in Southeastern Colorado. She took her undergrad in Fairbanks, Alaska (UAF) and finished in Colorado Springs at UCCS with two BAs.

Her knowledge within health and fitness is bound by personal experiences including her love of sports, having played many years of tennis and maintaining an extremely consistent gym schedule.

Dez strives to lead by example: she uses many different forms of recovery including cryotherapy, compression therapy, light therapy, and sees a medical massage therapist and chiropractor on a regular basis.

Dez’s work focuses on accountability coaching, nutrition planning, and physiotherapy treatments. Dez has been part of the cryotherapy business and worked in health and wellness since 2017.

Dez is the owner of XtremeCryo.